Girls making waves through radio

2 February 2016

Plan International Bolivia is empowering girls to become confident and active citizens through the Girl Power Project. 

Through this programme, adolescent girls attend training sessions that provide them with the skills to broadcast radio programmes. The girls also learn about their rights and use the radio broadcasts as a platform to advocate to local authorities for the fulfillment of these rights. Girls in Yunchará successfully influenced local policy as a result of their radio programme.

The results of the project are also felt at family level as parents now have a better understanding of children’s rights.

Girls demand rights

Tomasa, 15, has been involved in the project for 2 years and says, “At the beginning I was afraid but now I like it. I see that the girls used to be shy. Now they listen to the radio and participate. They know their rights and demand them. Before, we didn’t have a big audience but now we have many listeners. People recognise me and that is a great responsibility.”

As a result of the project, girls in Yunchará are becoming protagonists of development. As a result, their community is becoming aware of girls rights and the long-term benefits of gender equality.

Youth empowerment, girls’ leadership, Youth in media