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Right to safe water and sanitation in Bangladesh

We strengthen government systems so vulnerable children and their communities have access to safe water and sanitation facilities. We also raise awareness about the importance of good hygiene.

Plan International Bangladesh works alongside partners to build the capacity of local government institutions, water, sanitation and hygiene committees, local companies, children's groups and natural leaders to promote good sanitation. 

Children's and youth groups are key to the sustainability of good sanitation and we support children to take the lead in this area. For instance, youth groups are developing and promoting a range of affordable sanitation options that are being used in their communities.

Women collect water from a newly installed tube well in Balikhali camp, Cox's Bazar, Bangladesh
Women collect water from a newly installed tube well in Balikhali camp, Cox's Bazar, Bangladesh. 

Promotion of hygiene 

We work with health workers and natural leaders to hold interactive sessions in communities and local health centres. We also run social campaigns involving house-to-house visits, public rallies and street performances to raise awareness of good hygiene practices.

As part of our work we install disaster resilient water supplies in both rural and urban areas to ensure communities have access to clean water even during emergencies. We also use appropriate technologies for managing waste in households, public places and health centres.

School sanitation and hygiene

We work in schools to ensure safe water and sanitation facilities are available and to make sure children and teachers are aware of good hygiene practices.

Our work strengthens the capacity of school management committees, teachers, children's groups, partner organisations and local government institutions and agencies

We ensure that facilities in schools meet the specific needs of girls and are child-friendly.