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Right to health in Bangladesh

Strengthening government health systems, improving parenting skills and providing sexuality education to improve the health of children in Bangladesh.

We work through our right to health programme and different projects across the country on adolescent sexual and reproductive health and rights and maternal, new born and child health.

Our aim

Plan International Bangladesh aims to reach 570,000 children, young people and mothers and 100,000 children under 2 years of age through health programmes.

In addition, we will ensure 170,000 pregnant and lactating mothers and 300,000 young people, including the most vulnerable, benefit from access to quality health services through the strengthening of government health systems, improved parenting and comprehensive sexuality education in 10 districts in Bangladesh.

Our right to health programme focuses on the first 1,000 days of children's lives and supports women and children under 2 years as well as adolescents through existing government mechanisms such as:

  1. Promoting healthy and equitable family practices on health, nutrition, family planning and hygiene and sanitation.
  2. Community mobilisation, advocacy and capacity building, especially for women and adolescent girls.
  3. Strengthening parenting for young children by integrating early childhood care and development programming.
  4. Providing young people with comprehensive sexuality education.
  5. Strengthening the capacity of civil society and community based organisations so they can advocate for and facilitate the sexual and reproductive health and rights of young people.

The programme also focuses on young people, strengthening their sexual and reproductive health rights by:

  1. Strengthening gender-responsive maternal, new born, child health and nutrition services. 
  2. Advocating to the government for sustainable and safe child delivery, health, sanitation and family planning services for the most marginalised groups.
  3. Strengthening the health system to provide quality, youth-friendly and gender responsive services. 
  4. Strengthening the capacity and linkage of families and communities with health systems. 
  5. Advocacy to develop and ensure implementation of policies supporting sexual and reproductive health and comprehensive sexuality education.   

Our approach

Plan International Bangladesh has been implementing health programmes since 1998. Our approach puts children's rights and needs at the centre of our work so that we are better able to assist children, young people and communities to address the barriers that prevent children from accessing their rights. As a result, our work helps children to grow up in good health so they are able to follow their ambitions.