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Right to Quality Education in Bangladesh

We support the existing education system to achieve quality, inclusive education and work with the government to ensure education for all in Bangladesh.

We are committed to strengthening government initiatives to ensure a quality primary education and a transition into secondary education for all children, including the most marginalised groups. Our work improves access to education, quality of education and school governance.

Our programmes focus on children up to the age of 14 and we work at family, community, school and national level to achieve our goals.

Right to Quality Education in Bangladesh
Plan International works with the government in achieving quality inclusive education for all in Bangladesh

Quality, inclusive primary education

We consider school to be an entry point and our aim is to ensure universal, quality, primary education for all children regardless of gender, ability, religion, location or their family's wealth.

Our work focuses on:

  1. Training and supporting communities, schools and local authorities to identify, enrol and retain children at risk of exclusion from primary education.
  2. Training and supporting teachers and supervisors so they are able to provide an inclusive education that ensures all students can reach their potential.

Support for secondary education

Our work also ensures that all children, especially girls, are able to attend and complete secondary school.

We focus on:

  1. Supporting students to access technical and vocational training through their schools according to their needs and ability.
  2. Providing life skills training to support children to reach their aspirations and become responsible citizens.
  3. Providing training for teachers and other school professionals to create a positive school environment, especially for girls.