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Education in Bangladesh

Ensuring boys and girls complete a quality primary education, achieving their full potential

Plan International is committed to improving children’s access to quality and good governance in primary education, since although enrolment in school at the primary level has increased in Bangladesh, and gender disparity has virtually disappeared, many children do not complete primary school, and learning achievements are still low. Our activities are based at the family and community level to ensure the overall development of children and make sure they are ready for school, and our activities also encompass quality schooling, connecting with 275 primary schools to create individual school improvement plans. We enable schools to offer early learning opportunities, develop their curriculums and ensure that all boys and girls receive five years of schooling, as well as making sure that marginalised children receive an education. We also partner with schools to provide water and sanitation facilities, and we promote reading amongst schoolchildren, encouraging them to develop their reading skills. Around 70,000 students receive free books and embrace activities such as reading, storytelling, drawing, quizzes and cultural competitions, allowing them to forge a positive future.