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Disaster risk management and climate change adaptation in Bangladesh

We work alongside children and their communities to reduce the effects of natural disasters and climate change. We also provide assistance during emergency situations.

Mother wades through flood water carrying her two young children

Through strengthening existing disaster management systems and climate change adaptation processes in schools and communities, we ensure children and young people grow up in resilient and protected communities.

Our disaster risk management and climate change adaptation programme in Bangladesh is child-centred. This approach ensures not only that children's rights are at the core of the programming, but that children lead activities that bring about change in their communities and country.

The key areas that our programme works towards are building the resilience of communities, supporting communities to adapt to climate change and responding to emergency situations.

Helping children prepare for emergencies

Our work to build the resilience of communities and schools includes:

  • Supporting health, protection, education, water and sanitation systems to deal with emergency situations.
  • Raising the awareness and capacity of communities to ensure girls' specific needs are met.
  • Creating a stronger relationship between development and humanitarian actors.
  • Promoting youth participation in disaster risk reduction.
  • Strengthening child and youth networks and supporting them to advocate and contribute to national and local planning.
  • Supporting the establishment of technology in responding to and preparing for disasters.

Emergency Responses

Following emergencies, we rapidly assess the situation alongside partner organisations to identify the areas where a response is most needed. Our emergency response programmes include food, cash transfer, education, sanitation, hygiene, water, child protection, livelihoods and maternal and child health interventions.

Plan International Bangladesh is a member of UN Clusters, the NARRI Consortium and an INGO Forum working closely with the government of Bangladesh to ensure a comprehensive and systematic approach to disaster risk management. We also have a functional relationship with the Directorate of Primary Education and the Ministry of Primary and Mass Education to work together on school-based disaster risk reduction.

In addition, we work with 14 strategic partners in disaster-prone locations to respond to emergencies quickly and in a coordinated manner.