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Child protection in Bangladesh

Protecting vulnerable children from all forms of violence, and enabling them to access education, healthcare and economic security

Children in Bangladesh are denied their right to being protected due to a range of issues such child marriage, domestic violence, sexual abuse and trafficking. In Dhaka, we are seeing an increasing number of street children due to a high level of migration from rural areas. They are the most vulnerable children in Bangladesh and we are committed to protecting them.

In Dhaka, we support street children to connect with community activities that help them gain access to housing, health and other services, as well as find families for them to live with. We support the older children to live indepnedently. An important aspect of this work is to reduce child marriage and raise awareness, both nationally and locally, of the importance of ending violence against young women and children. We connect young people with employment opportunities and engage closely with local communities and government to address child trafficking and other child protection issues, to drive positive, lasting change in children’s lives.