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Street children share their dreams

  • "I drew butterflies because I want to be like them. They are so colourful and happy!" said Kakoli.

  • "Life moves fast" by Yasin

  • "I am a bird of cards" by Shumon

  • "Colorful leaves of Bangladesh" by Shahnaj

  • "Happy guest birds" by Shumon

  • "My friends house on a small island by the river" by Shumi

  • "Have a taste of a betel leaf while sailing away" by Shumi

  • "Every child has equal rights" by Liza

  • "We can do it" by Nimon

  • "Let there be pure hearts everywhere" by Sonia

  • "Late Autumn breeze in the air" by Eti

  • "It is cool" by Shumon

  • "Let's fly like a free bird" by Shumon

  • The participants had a great time showing off their creative sides.

    The participants had a great time showing off their creative sides.

June 2012: Bangladeshi street children had a chance to tell the world about their dreams this week by showing off their pictures at an art exhibition held at the Bangladesh National Museum in Dhaka, the capital city.

Some 28 street children created 80 pieces for the “Our Dreams Drawn” exhibition held 2-4 June to raise awareness of their plight. About 400,000 girls and boys live on the streets of Dhaka and are often excluded from basic services like healthcare and education.

“I drew butterflies because I want to be like them,” said Kakoli, one of the artists. “They are so colourful and happy. And now I am very happy that my picture has been sold. I will keep the money and use it for starting a beauty parlour when I grow up.”

Money raised from the sale of the pictures during and after the exhibition is kept by the artists. The works of art have been selling for between 5,000-15,000 taka (US$60-180) and already 60 have been snapped up.

The exhibition was organised by Population Services and Training Centre* (PSTC) with support from Plan Bangladesh’s Dhaka Programme Unit.

Bangladeshi artist Mustafa Manwar was the guest of honour at the exhibition.

“The most important rule of painting is that there is no rule in painting. The artist has every freedom of using colour and sketches,” he said.

Launched in 2002, Plan’s Street Child Project supports 13 drop-in centres in Dhaka, each of which assists about 80 children per day.

Myrna Evora, country director of Plan Bangladesh, added, “I am amazed to see so much colour, enthusiasm and energy inside these children. We should give them the platform for proper utilisation of their talent.”

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