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Biteng Programme Unit


Young girls at a vocational training centre

Centre Region

Area: 88,953 sq. km
Population: 3,525,664 (2010)
Divisions: 10
Sponsored children: Around 5,000

The Biteng Programme Unit works in the Centre Region, a forest zone with 2 rainy seasons per year. About 43% of the population is under 15 years old, and 4 out of every 5 poor people in the region live in rural areas.

Plan Cameroon has been working in the area since 1996 in partnership with children, families, communities, civil society organisations and government bodies to reduce the high level of mortality and morbidity - particularly among pregnant women and children aged under 5. 

Programme highlights


Plan Cameroon works to ensure access to safe drinking water and proper sanitation facilities for all communities and schools. We also train school children and community members on sanitation, hand washing and safe hygiene practices.

Because the Centre region is one of the areas with the greatest number of mosquitoes, Plan Cameroon has also been fighting against malaria since 2005 by supporting more than 500 community-based organisations and 382 children’s forums, providing them with bed nets and training on basic prevention methods.


Plan Cameroon is improving children’s participation in school management and works with school authorities to set up children’s governments where they can directly influence the running of schools. Plan also implements youth life skills projects – such as vocational training – to support more productive adulthoods.

Protection and participation

Plan promotes youth media programmes which help children to speak out through radio and aother media on issues that affect them. We also support children’s forums on issues such as child rights, art, media and HIV and AIDS.
Support and training is also provided to communities and councils to address child rights issues in their area, such as the right to a birth certificate.

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