Education in Emergencies after Cyclone Idai

Wed May 1 2019

<strong>Building back better: Focusing on education in emergencies in Cyclone Idai affected Zimbabwe and Mozambique</strong>

Position paper
Position paper

Plan International has a long history of working in Zimbabwe and Mozambique. We are responding to Cyclone Idai with emergency assistance in particular in the areas of Education in Emergencies (EiE) and Child Protection in Emergencies (CPiE).

Education is always the most under-funded sector in an emergency, and we are urging the national government-led response and international donors to ensure this time it is different. We plan to work with the respective governments to ensure the consideration of education in the Cyclone Idai emergency response, particularly the need to build back better.

We must ensure the collective response is reaching the most vulnerable children, especially girls, with needed relief goods and services that must include protection, psychosocial support and education in emergencies. We must also ensure that girls and boys are consulted in the design process and are provided with child-friendly methods of giving feedback. Donors should designate funding for education from the very start and ensure that girls and boys can equally benefit from a return to learning as soon as possible

Education is a human right and should be guaranteed and protected for all people, at all times. However, in humanitarian crises, despite being one of the most affected sectors, education is often overlooked and thus unbudgeted for. At Plan International we believe children’s right to quality education should be fulfilled at all times including during emergencies.

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