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Water, Health and Sanitation in Timor-Leste

Ensuring safe, clean water and sanitation facilities for all communities.

Plan International works with communities to improve access to safe drinking water and basic sanitation and to raise awareness of the importance of hand washing and waste management. By working side by side with communities to build sustainable, community-managed water and sanitation services, Plan International engages Timorese communities to incorporate good hygiene practices, including hand washing, sanitary toilet use and environmental cleanliness into their everyday lives. Improved sanitation facilities are one of the key methods for reducing stunting and improving the health of children and their families.

From 2011 onwards, thirty two village water supply systems benefitting 1,695 households (or approximately 9,400 villagers) have been built or rehabilitated. Thirty two water facility management groups have been formed to manage the construction, operation and maintenance of community water supply and sanitation infrastructure. This will ensure communities will have long-term access to clean drinking water.

Plan International is also constructing toilets in schools in Aileu and Lautem districts and launching Hygiene Clubs that teach students the importance of washing their hands and preventing diseases.

A boy in Aileu District plays at the new tap stand that has been built in his village.