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Disaster Risk Management in Timor-Leste

Coastal, mountainous and remote, Timor-Leste is at risk of natural disasters including earthquakes, floods, landslides and strong winds.

Plan International's Disaster Risk Management programme is focused on helping children, parents, teachers and community members to learn how to prepare, mitigate and prevent disasters through Child Centred Disaster Risk Reduction (CCDRR) and community-driven and cost-effective methods such as cutting down potentially dangerous trees and repairing school roofs.

From January 2015 – June 2018, we will implement CCDRR in an additional 20 primary schools in Aileu district.

In total, 26 schools have established Disaster Management Committees made up of children, teachers, parents and community members. These committees identify what students should do before, during and after a disaster, and they have identified risks to their safety and methods for making their schools and homes safer.

More than 1,550 children and adults have received Disaster Risk Reduction Safe Schools Training. These participants are now able to share this information – how to prepare, mitigate and prevent a disaster and what to do if there is one – with their peers and members of their communities.

Students in Aileu District complete a school evacuation drill so they know what to do if a disaster strikes.