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Student Bank

Youth Vocational and Life Skills Development

Since last year Plan International Thailand trained 800 students from 8 schools in Chiang Mai and 500 students in 5 schools in Ayutthaya on basic business plan development, and banking software training for 200 students from 5 schools in Ayutthaya and Pathumthani. Since July 2011, a total of 34 schools have been participating in the Student Bank programme with 16,335 student members and approximately US$ 237,450 of savings. Plan Thailand also developed and rolled out a “Student Bank” syllabus for the participanting schools.

“I love to be a volunteer in the Student Bank at Watkhodtimtaram School. After finishing my lunch, I spend the rest of my lunch break as a volunteer bank teller."

"I have been depositing money regularly for years with more than ten thousand in my savings account!” said Waiyawat , grade 5, Student bank volunteer at Watkhodtimtaram School, Rayong

Through this programme Plan Thailand aims to promote a saving habit; financial literacy discipline; bank management; entrepreneurial and business skills; and social and civic responsibility among the students. The program also hopes to provide alternative savings and banking channels for families in remote areas where there are no commercial banking services.

We were pleased and proud when the Student Bank Program of Plan Thailand was chosen as one of the 14 Most Innovative Initiatives by Qatar Foundation and was recognized in a ceremony in Qatar on October 28-31, 2013.

Everyday students at Baan Pongnamron School save money by using the student bank
Everyday students at Baan Pongnamron School save money by using the student bank