It’s not really safe for us girls

It’s Not Really Safer for Us Girls explores the perceptions and voices of adolescent girls and their experiences in public spaces and on transport in Honiara, Solomon Islands.

The report details the results of research that was undertaken to establish a baseline for the Safer Cities for Girls Honiara programme. 

Safer cities

Safer Cities for Girls is a joint programme developed by Plan International, Women in Cities International, and UN-HABITAT to address the increased risks that adolescent girls face in cities. The overarching goal of the programme is to build safe, accountable, and inclusive cities with – and for – adolescent girls.

The report shows adolescent girls do not feel safe in public spaces or on public transport in Honiara. We believe this is the first research of its kind in exploring the barriers girls face in safely accessing public spaces and transport in Honiara. It also speaks to the double barriers faced by girls with disabilities. 

Changes required to protect girls

The report shines a light on these barriers and summarises the changes adolescent girls want to see so that all girls can exercise their right to freedom and safety in Honiara.

The report suggests multiple and simultaneous strategies which are required to change policy, improve transport and infrastructure, and to challenge and break down gender norms and negative social structures that contribute to violence against girls.

We will continue to consult with and listen to adolescent girls, to ensure their needs and opinions are recognised, and that they are at the centre of our work in transforming public spaces and transport. 

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Protection from violence, Gender-based violence, Safer Cities