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Youth Economic Empowerment in Myanmar

Improving employment opportunities for youth, especially young women, by providing skills and experience necessary for secure, decent work in both urban and rural settings, as well as in conflict-affected areas.

High rates of poverty, a lack of access to education and few economic opportunities conspire to create an environment for young people in Myanmar that prevent them from contributing meaningfully to their own, their communities’ and their country’s development.


In particular, they face a multitude of obstacles that keep them from securing decent employment and realising their right to economic security. This is especially true for rural women, who are denied access to quality education and training, and for whom engrained gender inequality means they are often discouraged from participating fully.


Young people deserve an environment in which they can thrive and in which they have the freedom to express their concerns, organize, and participate in the decisions that affect their lives.


Plan's Youth Economic Empowerment program focuses on equipping young people with the knowledge, skills, and attitudes to access jobs and transition to the world of work. The program provides young people with integrated entrepreneurship training, access to finance, business start-up and mentoring support. Entrepreneurial opportunities for youth within value chains are explored and linkages with private sector partners established.


With its emphasis on young women, the program seeks to transform gender relations, working with parents, caregivers, teachers, and community leaders to enact socio-cultural changes that support and empower youth. The program will ultimately enable young people from rural villages to secure decent employment that is productive, delivers a fair income, and offers security in the workplace.

Eai Moae Moae taking her ASEAN Hospitality Certification Exam