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Child Rights and Child Protection in Myanmar

All children have a right to protection, participation and survival.

Plan International Myanmar uses a child-friendly community development approach to support children to reach their full potential while living in safe and supportive communities. We work closely with children, adults and community leaders in Nyaung U to raise awareness of children’s rights and make child protection a priority.


In addition to working directly within communities, Plan Myanmar works in close partnership with the Myanmar Government at Township/District, Regional, and National levels to build the capacity of the national child protection systems and to guarantee that children are protected from all forms of violence, abuse, neglect and exploitation.


Child and youth participants from the child protection programme have successfully transitioned to adulthood where they are active community members and citizens equipped with the essential knowledge, skills and attitudes to access information and participate in the decision making process at the local and national levels.


When children know their rights, they are one step closer to having them protected and respected by the adults around them. Plan International Myanmar has established children and youth groups in communities throughout Nyaung U with over 600 active members.


In these groups, children learn about the birth registration process, different types of abuse and neglect, and appropriate actions and responses if they, or someone they know, is being abused. They have developed a plan for keeping children safe in their communities, and in the process, have fostered confidence and public speaking skills.


Plan International Myanmar has trained Community Development Facilitators and members of the government in positive parenting, child rights and how to handle cases of abuse.


In order to address the needs of the most vulnerable children in Nyaung U, Plan Myanmar has established township-level mechanisms for reporting incidents of child abuse and methods for protecting these children. Community based child protection groups link child abuse cases at the community level with the township/district social case management system managed by the Department of Social Welfare. As a result, children in need can access services and adults to support them when they need it the most.


Children share their motivation for participating in the Township Children's Committee in Nyaung U.