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Healthy start in Laos

Providing parents with the facilities and knowledge to give their children a healthy start in life.

Plan International Laos is committed to strengthening health management and information systems at district and village level in Laos.

We improve community access to quality health and maternity services, especially for isolated villages, to improve the nutritional status of children and mothers.

Some 44% of children in Laos have chronic malnutrition and this rises to 60% in the poorest areas where we work. Despite a rise in overall GDP in the country, food insecurity for the poor remains a significant problem, and this is compounded by poor early feeding practices, and poor maternal nutrition during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

We are connecting young ethnic women to birth courses that include modules on child caring, traditions and childrearing practices, health and growth monitoring, healthy food and good hygiene practices.

We are also partnering with government officials and village trainers to conduct village level nutrition training, provide community based health and nutrition education, establish women’s groups and other community empowerment mechanisms and equip rural health centres and district health facilities. In this way, we aim to ensure positive, lasting change within communities.