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Education in Laos

Providing access to a quality education for all children.

Plan International Laos is recognised as a leader in education and we are using our expertise in the sector to champion quality education for all children.

Many children in Laos’ poor districts are never enrolled in primary school, and less than one third complete five years of primary education. Girls from ethnic groups have the lowest enrolment and completion rates.

We are partnering with children, schools, parents and the government to ensure that all primary school age children reach essential learning outcomes in literacy and numeracy, enabling their continuation into secondary school.

Our work includes increasing community involvement in education, supporting school-based teacher training in mathematics and other key subjects, improving classroom practices and giving children better access to school materials.

We provide teaching aids, classroom equipment and furniture and improve access to education for the poorest through the provision of targeted scholarships, especially for girls, vulnerable children and those from ethnic groups.