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Healthy start in kenya

Supporting children and their parents to access quality healthcare.

Plan International Kenya is committed to improving access to healthcare for children and their parents. Our health programme is designed to provide children, parents and communities with the highest attainable standard of health care, thus ensuring positive, lasting change in their lives.

Women and girls in Kenya continue to die as a result of health complications during pregnancy, childbirth or in the six weeks following delivery. In addition, almost one-quarter of young women aged 15 to 19 years old are either pregnant or already mothers.

As a result, we concentrate on ensuring that adolescent boys and girls have access to quality information on sexual and reproductive health and HIV. We also provide teenage mothers with information to help them return to school, or access vocational training, and encourage them to form support groups.

Meanwhile, we also focus on partnering with communities to promote quality maternal health care such as ensuring skilled birth attendance.