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Education in Colombia

Connecting all children and young people to a good education.

Children at school in Colombia

Plan International Colombia is committed to ensuring that all children have access to a quality education.

The Colombian education system still lacks policies that provide education for displaced children. As a result of conflict in Colombia, special programmes are needed to address psycho-social problems and create an inclusive educational atmosphere to help displaced children realise their potential.

We run projects that enable children in early childhood to learn, develop and interact with other children in an environment that is free of violence.

Violence-free schools

Meanwhile, we are forging strong partnerships with educational institutions to implement inclusive, innovative and protective progammes that promote learning in safe and supportive schools. As a result, children, including those who are marginalised, have the opportunity to progress to higher education.  
Nicholás is calling for an end to violence at schools across his region

One of the main barriers that stops children from going to school in Colombia is violence. As a result, Plan International Colombia has introduced a project called The Way of Love which encourages children to be sensitive towards their peers and resolve any disputes in a peaceful way.

Nicholás, 17, has grown up in a violent community and joined the project at the age of 15. Since then he has become a leader and was chosen as a representative of his school. In this role, he is calling for an end to violence at schools across his region.