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Care and protection in colombia

Ensuring that all children and young people are protected from all forms of violence and abuse.

Plan International Colombia is committed to supporting inclusive, safe and protective environments so that children, adolescents and youth can benefit from a dignified, healthy and violence-free life. 

We focus on ensuring that children, especially Afro-Colombians and victims of forced displacement during early childhood, remain healthy and free of risk. We ensure that children, adolescents and youth are educated about their sexuality in a healthy and responsible way so they are aware of the issues surrounding pregnancies and sexually transmitted infections. 

We are committed to ensuring that children, adolescents and youth are protected against child abuse, domestic violence, sexual, emotional and physical violence, exclusion, discrimination and the impact of armed conflict.

Our work includes the Protejamos mi Mundo (Protecting my World) project, which works with parents and communities so that children live in protective homes where their opinions are respected. We seek to strengthen the skills of mothers, fathers and care-givers on the prevention of physical abuse to create friendlier environments for children.