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Vene: scholarship helps me go to school

Vene is one of 800 children who are provided with a scholarship by Plan International each year so they can complete primary school.

Vene and her best friend Nan at school
Vene and her best friend Nan at school.

Vene’s parents cannot afford their child’s school materials and rice shortage for almost 3 months in a year have a negative effect on the family. Vene thought that she couldn’t continue her schooling this year when her father couldn’t earn enough money to pay her school fees.

Vene says, “It hurts me every time when my father tells that we have nothing to eat this evening, or he cannot buy me new books and pens”.

Khambeuy, Vene's father, says, “With the small income that I earn from selling insects and barks it is extremely hard to support 5 children's schooling at the same time.”

Lack of money

Thanks to a scholarship provided by Plan International, Vene is able to continue her schooling. “I was so excited and almost cried when my father told me that I received a scholarship from Plan International. It is fantastic that I can continue my study with my best friend Nan,” she says.

“This scholarship is very useful and helpful for me and my family. It helps my parents reduce their expenditure on schooling”, said Nan,14, who also receives a scholarship.

Scholarships support girls' ambitions

Vene wants to be a secondary teacher. She says, “I want to work and take care of my parents at the same time.”

Tou, the principal at Vene's school, says, “Vene is a good student. She is rarely absent.”  

Plan International works closely with government at local levels to make education available for children from remote and hard-to-reach areas by providing scholarship for primary school students. Over 800 scholarships are given to students each year across Bokeo and Oudomxay Provinces.

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