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Lhee is ready to work!

When she was adolescent, Lhee* took a bad direction. She has been arrested and charged for stealing. But in her juvenile training center, she participated to a project, leading by Plan International in conjunction with the Citi Foundation, to transform the lives of the most marginalized youth in Thailand. Lhee is one of the 605 youths who have completed this training. By learning skills, Lhee can now obtain a decent work and make a positive contribution to society.

Plan International’s Country Director, John McDonough, explains that in Thailand there is a real need for skill-based training and that the right support achieves real-world results. “There are over 9.6 million 15-24 year olds in Thailand within the workforce which is close to a fifth of the working population. However, unemployment within this age group is 14 times higher than it is with adults. And of course, the most marginalized are most concerned by unemployment.

Hope for a second chance

After being arrested, Lhee was justly worried about her future. She wanted to have a chance to get a job and did not accept everybody to judge her because of her background.

This project has opened the doors for youth like me that have done misdeeds in the past to transform their lives. It has given me a real chance.

When she had the opportunity to prepare herself to go out, she accepted directly. “The training could encourage myself to set goal of my life and I would like to make it happen.” She wanted to get skills to work and opportunities. It was also important for Lhee to change the vision of the other on her and her own vision. “I am not a bad person, I want everybody to understand this.

Her training

With Plan International’s project, Lhee could receive vocational training in different courses including welding, carpentry and furniture making, computer and graphic design, mechanic and motorcycle repairing, air-conditioner installing and maintaining, constructing, turning, CNC machines maintaining, Spa and massaging, Thai food cooking…

She decided to learn coffee brewing and bakery. “I learn how to use material and how is working a coffee shop. What is in Americano, what are the ingredients… I really like this job”.

With the project, Youth receive also life skills training. Like Lhee, they need to feel more confident, to learn how to present herself during an interview, how to create their own business… They can meet ex-students, employers and get some opportunities of placement.

I like that we can discuss on real life experiences of youth that have ended up here and how we are to make our lives better when we are released as well as how to be successful in being financially independent.”

Lhee’s future

Before, I did not have any goal. My goal now is to learn about skill of barista.  When I release from the center, I don’t need to begin from 0. My relatives have a coffee shop. I have the opportunity to continue learning with them. After, I want to open a Café where everyone can buy and drink my coffee. This project has opened the doors for youth like me that have done misdeeds in the past to transform their lives. It has given me a real chance.”


*Name have been changed.