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Delinquents get pathways to progress

In Thailand, Plan International in conjunction with the Citi Foundation, transformed the lives of 713 youth from detention centers by equiping them with work skills as a foundation to prepare them to return to the society.

juvenil center

Our goal is to free young people from a cycle of poverty:

“This starts with opportunity - the opportunity to communicate and learn from employers; the opportunity to add to your skillset and the opportunity to link education with leadership skills training, employer networks and jobs or to create a start-up business. We want to provide these youth with the opportunity that will enable them to enter the society with confidence.” Hassaya Hasitabhan, Citi.

Vocational trainings

We want to provide these youth with the opportunity that will enable them to enter the society with confidence.

605 Youth have completed vocational training in different courses including welding, carpentry and furniture making, computer and graphic design, mechanic and motorcycle repairing, air-conditioner installing and maintaining, constructing, turning, CNC machines maintaining, coffee brewing, spa and massaging, and Thai food cooking.

Life skills development

They are also prepared for employment, with some training on job searching techniques, job interview preparation, resume and portfolio development, communication and interpersonal skills to obtain and maintain employment.

youth Interview

--> Plan International organised for example the "Getting Youth Ready for Work Activity" in February 2017 to improve employment opportunities for young adults at Baan Karuna Juvenile Vocational Training Center in Samut Prakarn.

The youth participated in mock panel interviews where they were provided  with valuable feedback on how to prepare and conduct themselves during a job interview, how to present their resume and portfolios and the types of documents to include as well as communication skills during a job interview.

A panel discussion was also held with former participants of this activity, who shared their employment experiences, along with an employer who explained he employed these youth in order to give them a second chance and offered his suggestions on how to further improve the program.


Job placement and follow-up support

Plan International created a network of employers to give opportunities to Youth. Mr. Chaiwat Maneerattanasuporn, General Manager, SB Canvas Co., Ltd., is one company that recruits them. He explained that he hires these youth because he wants them to work to earn a living.

After they have undergone training, I employ them and provide them with on-the-job learning skills. If they are hard-working and committed to work, it’s a great opportunity for them. I would like other business owners to look at the bright side when employing these youth and give them an opportunity. Many of them are diligent, are thirsty for knowledge, can help themselves and are very capable of working. To the youth, my message is to focus on your strength and be positive.”

These Youth are constantly accompanied, from training to after their job placement to ensure that youth are successfully employed and earning income. Plan International continues to monitor youth for 6 months after they have been placed in jobs.

Innovative learning support

Online learning platform have been created to digitize some classroom­based, instructor­led job readiness and life skills and to enable as many Youth to  access to these trainings as often as they like.