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Economic security in Burkina Faso

Strengthening and improving household economies by enabling different sources of income

We work to empower women to generate sources of income that can support their children in the long-term. The key, we believe, is to support households to be more resilient by diversifying their sources of income through Savings and Loans Groups (VSLA) and other income generating activities. By being better equipped to provide their children with education, nutrition, clothing and accommodation, the children better able to claim their rights and live more fulfilling lives.

One of our key activities in Burkina Faso is connecting women to village saving and loans groups. This has been highly successful and for many years has been the backbone of our pioneering strategy to extend financial services to the poor. Women in the groups receive not only loans, but also training and support to develop income generating activities such as weaving. The groups are also used as a platform to raise awareness about issues such as health, hygiene and sanitation.