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Plan Zimbabwe

Plan has been operating in Zimbabwe since 1986, helping poor children to access their rights to quality education, food, health services and safe water.

One of the key activities in Zimbabwe over the past decade has been to help address the food shortage that is affecting almost half of the country's 13,000,000 population.

We have been providing emergency food relief to children and families affected by the shortage, which has been partly due to low rainfall leading to a succession of poor harvests.

Case study

Clean water keeps children in school

Clean water keeps children in school

Plan joined the Coca-Cola Company at the commissioning of two boreholes as part of a joint venture to improve water access, sanitation and hygiene at five schools.

Where we work

Zimbabwe Map

Our programmes directly benefit 50,000 children and indirectly benefit about 250,000 children in Zimbabwe.

Plan's core areas of activity include:

  • emergency food aid and supplementary feeding
  • protecting children from all forms of violence
  • promoting good health practices, and safe, sanitary environment
  • access to education.


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