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Lira Programme Unit

Northern Region

Communities: 6 parishes
Population: 555,800
Sponsored children: Starting in 2011

Plan started operating in Lira district in 2008, which lies in the northern part of Uganda and has been affected by the Kony insurgency. People are just returning from displaced camps to settle and there is mass deprivation of children’s basic needs that directly translates into limited realisation of their rights.

Most inhabitants are agriculturalists growing cassava, finger millet, maize, sorghum, pigeon peas - others keep cattle, goats and sheep.

As a result of the long civil strife community structures, societal values and family ties have broken and children have become subject of all kinds of abuse. Child neglect, sexual violence especially for young girls, heavy work loads, and corporal punishment have all been mentioned by various age groups.

Young girls lamented the heavy work loads which makes them fail to concentrate in their education and sometimes leading to dropping out of school.   

Programme highlights

Education support

In Lira, Plan supports children especially girls to access education through the provision of scholastic materials, infrastructure development while strengthening child protection structures and gender awareness.

Water and sanitation

Plan has been promoting Community-Led Total Sanitation so that people can take action to improve their sanitation using the available local resources. This has led to a number of communities being declared open defacation-free. 

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