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Kamuli Programme Unit

Eastern Region

Communities: 216 zones in 23 parishes

Population: 484,400

Sponsored children: 12,500

Plan started operating in Kamuli in the eastern part of Uganda in 2000. Most people here mainly practice subsistence agriculture. 

Programme highlights

Fighting HIV and AIDS

 Plan has assisted the Kamuli community in acquiring a CD4 count machine, which is used to determine the levels of immunity in a person living with HIV and AIDS. The sick used to travel a very long distance to access this service, but now these facilities are within easy reach and helping them fight the disease.

We also run HIV and AIDS awareness raising activities in schools and train child councillors to educate others.  

“During school time, I walk from class to class talking about AIDS and how to prevent it. I tell pupils that the best way to prevent AIDS is to abstain from sex until the right time. We now have a motto called VTM (Virginity Till Marriage). Fellow children listen to me because I am their age. As a child councillor, I am confident and I can even talk to elders about AIDS. It is good that now many girls are now completing primary education when they are still virgins,” said Olive, a primary school pupil.

Improving education

Plan is supporting girls access to education by providing scholastic materials, school fees and other personal effects while promoting child participation in the fight against gender based violence.

“Before they brought the books, we did not know how to read and write good English. But right now I am happy because I can construct a sentence in English. My performance in class has also improved,” said 11-year-old Jane.

Supporting water and sanitation

Plan has supported the Kamuli community to drill boreholes in community schools and construct pit latrines and hand washing facilities after Community-Led Total Sanitation campaigns, which were carried out to teach them about hygiene and sanitation.

“My father did not know the use of a hand washing facility but after the training he built one at home. We now wash our hands with soap after visiting the latrine to avoid diseases like cholera.” said Mariam of Bunyole village.

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