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Plan Malawi

Plan has been working in Malawi since 1994, helping poor children to access their rights to health, education and food security.

Malawi ranks among the world’s 10 least developed countries and faces several challenges including food insecurity, the AIDS pandemic and rising poverty.

Our programmes directly benefit around 29,000 children in 95 communities within our impact areas and have positive effects on thousands more children, especially where our activities have been scaled up.

Case study

Malawi villages attain ODF status

Malawi villages attain ODF status

“Today is a great day for us, we are happy to celebrate the adoption of hygiene practices through which our lives as children will be healthy and protected.”

Where we work in Malawi

Malawi Map

Plan Malawi’s core areas of activity include:

  • child and maternal health
  • reducing the negative impact of HIV and AIDS
  • sustainable livelihoods
  • quality education
  • helping communities to realise children’s rights


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