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Plan Liberia

Plan started working in Liberia in 1982 to help poor children to access their rights to education, health and protection.  Civil unrest forced us to close down in 1993, However, we reopened in December 2006 and continue to help children living in poverty. 

Currently, we are focusing on supporting the growth, development and wellbeing of war-affected children in 77 communities across Liberia. This will become a reality with the  refurbishment of some 954 primary, secondary and vocational schools, and 2 teacher training institutions; 82 health facilities, including 6 hospitals, and over 20,000 wells, which were ravaged by the civil war.

Case study

Daughters of war

Daughters of war

See how Plan is reaching out to the daughters of Liberia's war. Robbed of their education, many are now forced to sell sex to survive.

Where we work in Liberia

Liberia Map

Plan Liberia’s core areas of activity include:

  • increasing access to basic education
  • supporting the capacity of caregivers
  • increasing birth registration awareness.


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