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Cairo South Programme Unit

Area: 4,649 sq. km
Population: 1,167,372
Districts: Basateen, Toura and Khair Allah
Sponsored children: 3,890

Plan Egypt has been working in the Cairo South Programme Unit since 1990.

We work with children, families and other non-governmental organisations (NGOS) to raise awareness about  the rights of children and to empower marginalised sections of these communities.

Programme highlights

Disability and social Inclusion

We help children with disabilities through our community-based rehabilitation project which has been running in the Cairo South Programme unit since 2004.

Working with local and other international NGOs, we ensure the rehabilitation, equal opportunities and social inclusion of all children through forming community structures that support training, workshops and awareness sessions for children and their families.

Village Saving and Loans Associations

Plan Egypt supports 86 Village Saving and Loans Association (VSLA) groups, which enable families to save, access credit at lower rates and be financially independent. The programme focuses on community participation, especially for women.

Gender and harmful traditional practices

Plan Egypt raises awareness around the importance of girls and women participation in the community through training, workshops, conferences, awareness sessions and capacity building.

We have also helped around 1,000 women to acquire national identity cards, which are key to accessing services such as health and education.

Education and community learning

Through partnership with the community, other NGOs and the General Authority of Literacy and Adult Education (GALAE), Plan Egypt provides education opportunities for out of school children, street children and illiterate people.

Esma3oona – Hear us out!

For the last 3 years we have been supporting 3 youth clubs which teach children their rights and encourage them to speak out on issues affecting their lives. These clubs have played a magnificent role in producing Esma3oona, a show aired on Egyptian national television every week addressing children’s rights.

Watch video of Plan’s work with Nokia to support Esma3oona and other child media projects in Africa.

Vocational training

Plan is working with local Community Development Associations in south Cairo to help child labourers learn vocational skills and escape harsh conditions. Read more about our vocational training project.

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