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Alexandria Programme Unit

Area: 35,000 sq. km
Population: 967,967
Districts: 5 (Sekina area- ElZaheria area- Abou Soliman area- the Arab company area- ElFalaky area)

Sponsored Children: 2,735

Programme highlights

Community Based Rehabilitation (CBR)

CBR was implemented here 6 years ago through international associations and organizations for providing equal opportunities and integrating children with disability in all services and areas in society. This was implemented by building the capacities of various groups, developing and rehabilitating children, the economic empowerment of families, raising the skills of service providers, advocating and protecting children with disabilities.

Village Saving and Loans Associations (VSLA)

Was implemented over 3 years ago as a pilot program in Alexandria Program Unit in 5 local community associations. So far, 62 saving groups were formed including 625 members who were able to save 38,686 EGP. 73 loans were distributed among the groups' members who were able to carry out a number of projects and enabled the families to face some emergency circumstances and helped women contribute to the family's income. This program was integrated with other Plan programs as children and youth groups, FGM, Literacy classes and CBR, which helped in creating and forming Community Based Organizations to help solve problems inside the community.

Street Children Program

The Street Children program was implemented in 2010, aiming at protecting society against the street children phenomenon and how to make the street children participate in society to live a stable life. This program was carried out thanks to a partnership between Plan, local community development associations (CDA), and the Street Children Network which includes all the governmental and non-governmental organizations. All those involved in this partnership worked together to build the capacities of specialists in CDAs and the capacities of street children, as well as the rehabilitation, advocacy, and protection of street children.

Learn Without Fear

A School Without Violence it is being implemented in 1 community as a model during a 3-three years period. It targets Gamal Hemdan Primary School, concentrating on awareness programs of the importance of education and child rights, besides training programs for teachers, social workers, school parliament and the board of trustees to make their positive role effective in eliminating the violence phenomenon inside schools.

Child Media

The program has been in existence since 2006 in 3 area associations; Sekina, Shorouk El Islam and Omar Ibn El Khattab Association. About 800 children participated directly in the project

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