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United for your rights in Peru

Young people from across Peru have signed a commitment to reinforce, respect and promote their sexual and reproductive rights at the National Meeting of Youth Voices with the support of Plan International Peru.

The agenda put together by the young people in an agreement of their prioritised proposals, demands and needs. This will be presented and discussed at the Regional Youth Leadership Camp with will take place in Lima and then the Third Regional Conference on Population and Development held later that month.

The signing of the youth agenda took place during the National Meeting of Youth Voices which was organised by Plan International Peru and partner organisations UNFPA and INPPARES.

Through the youth agenda, the young people have demanded to be able to fully exercise their sexual and reproductive rights. They also made personal commitments to promote the youth agenda in their communities and other decision-decision making spaces including the following priorities:

  • Ensuring specific services for adolescents at health centres
  • Promoting youth participation in decision-making processes
  • Providing support for indigenous young people
  • Demanding concrete measures to prevent teenage pregnancy
  • Pay special attention to pregnancies in children under 15 and their link with sexual violence
  • Give a comprehensive and multisectoral response to violence against girls and women.