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Lesly: We have fun and forget about the disaster

After the floods that affected more than 130,000 children in Peru's Piura region, Plan International's response has started in earnest with the distribution of humanitarian aid to more than 3,000 affected families.

Plan International has distributed 3,100 early childhood kits, 1,600 female hygiene sets and 1,000 safe water kits to families living in temporary shelters in the north of the country where around 18,000 people were displaced after the Piura River broke its banks in March, flooding the surrounding area.

We have also established eight child friendly spaces providing children with psychosocial support. Known locally in the communities as the 'Plan of Joy', more than 600 children attend regularly to meet with friends, play, learn and recover from their experience.

Lesly's ambitions

Lesly, 16, lives in a tent with her grandparents in one of the temporary shelters in Piura. When the river overflowed, her house flooded and she and her family were forced to leave.

Determined to keep attending school, she walks for more than an hour to reach school across the desert where she and her friends have to cover themselves with a sheet to cope with the heat and the sand storms.

Lesly has big ambitions for her future and wants to open her own spa: "All young women should have a business plan to help them move forwards and follow their dreams. We have to set goals so we can become someone in life".

We have to set goals so we can become someone in life

After Plan International's arrival in the camp, Lesly joined one of the child friendly spaces. "I've felt very happy being part of the Plan of Joy with my friends because they have taught us a lot, like identifying risks".

After attending the child friendly spaces, Lesly usually gets together with some of the other children living at shelter to play volleyball or football. "We have fun and forget about the disaster."