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Education in Zimbabwe

Ensuring all children can access their right to education and early childhood services

Due to the poorly performing economy in Zimbabwe, both the government and the communities have challenges in meeting the educational costs for children. This negatively affects access to education, retention and completion rates at both primary and secondary levels.

Plan International Zimbabwe is committed to ensuring that all children receive a basic, quality education, and we have worked in close partnership with the government to support capacity enhancement programmes that promote quality and improved teaching and learning environments for boys and girls. The Performance Lag Address Programme (PLAP) programme, for example, is now showing results in terms of high performance in public examinations.

We also work in partnership with schools to develop school governance programmes, focusing on enhancing the capacity of School Development Committees.

We have been working closely with communities in Mutare, Mutasa and Mutoko to enhance their early childhood care and development facilities, enabling them to establish new centres and supplementary feeding programmes, and train new teachers.

In this way, we are working together to transform children’s futures, with more children enrolling in early childhood centres, better attendance and quality learning.