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Child Protection in Zimbabwe

Working at every level to protect children from harm

Plan International Zimbabwe is a recognised voice on child protection issues in Zimbabwe. Key child protection issues include harmful cultural and religious practices, and poor enforcement of existing laws. We are partnering with communities, parents and children themselves to strengthen child protection structures and support the provision of services for children.

One of our key areas of expertise is the prevention of child marriage, and our work on ending child marriage, as part of the 18+: Ending Child Marriage in Zimbabwe project, has gained serious momentum. We work in partnership with communities and authorities to raise awareness, as we believe that only by changing attitudes and commitments from personal to policy levels can we make long-lasting positive change.

Our clear understanding that child marriage is shaped by custom, religion and poverty, and exacerbated by ethno-religious crisis, means that we have engaged the Zimbabwe National Chiefs’ Council to discuss child marriage issues. The ensuing success of the chiefs’ meeting is testament to the strength of our partnerships work with government, traditional leaders and local partners to improve girls’ lives in Zimbabwe.