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Health services in Zambia

Increasing access to quality health services

Plan International Zambia is committed to working in partnership with different stakeholders, including traditional leaders, youth, community based volunteers, and government health workers. Our skilled staff have developed capacity building initiatives and awareness campaigns to ensure we meet our health programme goals across Plan International Zambia’s operational areas.

Our work includes:

  • Improving access to curative and preventive health-care services for children and their families
  • Reducing malnutrition among children
  • Increasing access to safe water, appropriate hygiene and sanitation facilities
  • Improving access to sexual reproductive health information and services for adolescents and youth
  • Improving care and support for orphans and vulnerable children at both national, district  and community level

We have seen notable improvements in the areas of safe motherhood, adolescent sexual and reproductive health, as well as in water and sanitation.