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Youth employability in Peru

Through the project “Learning to undertake”, implemented in Peru by Plan International, young people improve their financial means and opportunities for a sustainable development.

On average, 80% of young people who participate and finish the “Learning to undertake” training programme develops a life plan and/or a business plan. And all of them feel convinced that they have gained the necessary knowledge and skills to create a positive long-lasting transformation in their lives and those of their families.

Milagros is a young woman who participated in this project implemented by Plan International in Piura, Peru.  She wanted to take cooking classes and open a restaurant in order to help her family’s economy. However, living in a rural area without any post-secondary education institutions, she did not know how to achieve her goal.

When I heard about Plan International’s project, I decided to sign up immediately. First, we learned about our personal assets and developed soft skills. The second phase was harder for me. I learned to do a budget, a cash flow and some projections. Finally, we had cooking lessons, but with a focus on hygiene, food handling and presentation


After participating in the project “Learning to undertake” from Plan International, Milagros felt empowered to develop a business idea, a restaurant, and to make it a reality.

Realising her community had a need for a restaurant with accessible prices, she developed a business plan and presented it to a seed capital contest organised by Plan International and the local government of Cura Mori.

Her restaurant is now fully operative and it has become a source of food at an accessible price as well as a source of jobs for some of Milagros’ neighbours.

Milagros in front of her restaurant
Milagros in front of her restaurant

One of Milagros’ wishes is that their kids are able to finish their education. With the income from her restaurant, she is able to pay for her three children’s education expenses. And her restaurant “The paradise of flavor” is seen by her whole family as an opportunity to make that wish happen and to improve their quality of life.

“Learning to undertake” is a project addressed at high school students and at young people who are now out of the school system. The project enables them to access better jobs and to develop business and life plans.

A key element of the Project’s sustainability is that teachers from the area are trained in the project’s methodology. Therefore, they can continue training high school students even afeter the project’s end.

Milagros, who participated this year in Plan International’s panel on Youth Employability during the World Bank Annual Meetins, has become a referent for other women in her community, inspiring them to take ownership of their own lives.

Milagros participating in the World Bank Annual Meetings 2015
Milagros participating in the World Bank Annual Meetings 2015