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It's My Life - Girls Say No to Child Marriage in Africa on YouTube

It's My Life - Girls Say No to Child Marriage in Africa

In sub-Saharan Africa around 7 million girls are child brides. The causes of child marriage are common across Africa. Parents marry off their daughters due to poverty or out of fear for their safety. Tradition and the stigma of straying from tradition perpetuate child marriage in many communities. Crucially, gender inequality and the low value placed on girls underlie the practice.

Unlock the Power of Girls on YouTube

Unlock the Power of Girls

Thirteen girls, 8 countries, one message: You haven’t seen the best of us... yet.That’s the message from adolescent girls performing a poem to rally girls around the struggle to overcome discrimination, claim their rights and celebrate better futures.

13, and a Bride (Preview) on YouTube

13, and a Bride (Preview)

No Mountain Too High - Ending child marriage in Nepal on YouTube

No Mountain Too High - ending child marriage in Nepal

This film tells the story of 15-year-old Maya and her husband, Buddha in Nepal. Once married Maya was forced to drop out of school. Inaccessible by road, her village has received very minimal support following the April 2015 earthquake. 

World Toilet Day - Toilets for All on YouTube

Toilets for All

Plan International Ghana is working alongside natural leaders in rural communities to implement community-led total-sanitation projects.This approach allows community members the opportunity to discuss their sanitation and make collective decisions to improve their situation.

End child marriage on YouTube

End child marriage

Plan International - Yesterday Today Tomorrow on YouTube

Plan International: Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow

This video traces the development of Plan International's mission to promote and protect the rights of children since it was founded over 75 years ago.

Life after Nepal's earthquake on YouTube

Video: Life after Nepal's earthquake

Pearls of wisdom – Great women inspire girls on YouTube

Pearls of wisdom – Great women inspire girls

The film supports Plan International’s Because I am a Girl campaign’s ’vote #Girl4President’ – a way to ensure the pressure is on governments to support the realisation of girls rights with the birth of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), creating a future where all girls are valued so that they can be and do exactly what they want.