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Primary Education in Uganda

Ensuring all children, including the most vulnerable, can access an education

Plan International Uganda is committed to the welfare of children aged six to 12 years, and seeks to ensure that children’s rights are respected, protected, realised and fulfilled at home, in primary schools, and in the community.

We endeavour to ensure that:

  • girls and boys, including those with disabilities or other vulnerable groups are safe from all forms of neglect and abuse
  • primary school-aged children are protected from preventable disease and have access to affordable quality health-care services, use safe water and effective sanitation at home and at school, and enjoy opportunities for recreation and sports
  • children are able to complete quality primary school at the appropriate age 

In order to ensure access to basic quality education for the most vulnerable boys and girls, we offer a variety of support, from initiating awareness-raising in the community on the value of education for boys and girls, to financial support targeting the most marginalised children to meet their basic school requirements.

Last year we partnered with communities to construct or renovate 25 primary school classrooms in Luwero, Tororo and Kamuli, directly benefiting over 2,000 children. In addition, 1000 orphans and vulnerable children were supported to attain their primary and secondary education, through the provision of school fees, books, school materials (pens, pencils, mathematical sets, rulers, and school bags), and sanitary pads for the girls.