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Uganda: A Working Future

Partnering with the private sector and using savings groups to connect the Ugandan youth to job opportunities

Nololo, A Working Future

A Working Future connects young people with access to financial services, teaches them work skills and links them to job opportunities. This innovative programme was born out of the desire to identify ways to support youth economic empowerment through innovative methods of collaboration with the private sector. It shows the power of strategic partnerships between the corporate and development sectors to successfully address social issues while also generating commercial value.

A Working Future had its foundation in savings groups to provide increased access to financial services, and used them as a platform to teach critical skills required for formal jobs and self-employment. The programme has added an innovative digital mobile banking component to the methodology, increasing efficiencies and introducing more financial services to the groups. Given that savings groups are a frequently used form of organising youth in many regions, this model holds a great potential for scale and outreach.

The youth were then linked to the private sector though three different employment pathways: job placements, micro-franchises, and producer groups. In the case of Uganda, 93% of the youth selected the producer group pathway.

The private sector was engaged in all stages of the programme, from the design to the delivery of training programmes - the partnerships with the private sector went beyond philanthropy to create shared value.

In numbers

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