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Strengthening communities to report abuse

Plan International Togo is working alongside partners and communities to ensure children are protected from abuse.

The Children's Code adopted by the government of Togo in 2007 states that corporal punishment is prohibited. To break the silence in communities on violence against children, Plan International Togo initiated a project to promote gender sensitive and violence free education, alongside local NGOs, including Creuset Togo. This project enables children to enjoy a gender-sensitive and non-violent school and home environment. It aims to introduce child protection processes within communities to facilitate the reporting of cases of abuse.

Raising awareness

Awareness raising sessions were held on the harmful effects of violence against children and on the channels that exist for reporting mistreatment cases.

I am relieved that all this is over. It was really hard and unfair to be hit that way

These awareness campaigns have allowed Elodie, 8, to regain her dignity and joy. Beaten and insulted by her aunt with whom she lived, Elodie lived in fear. Unable to suffer this violence anymore, Elodie took refuge at a neighbour's house. Having assisted at an awareness session on the reporting of cases of abuse, the neighbour informed Plan International's Togo's local partner Creuset Togo. The social work services were alerted and the case was transferred to the police.

Elodie was able to join her parents with the support of the project. She says, '' I am relieved that all this is over. It was really hard and unfair to be hit that way. I am finally out of my suffering. "

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