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Global Girls’ Summit 2021

To mark International Day of the Girl 2021, Togo will host the Global Girls’ Summit, a multicultural, intergenerational event where girls will interact, share their challenges and call for action towards gender equality.

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What is going on and how you can get involved

Participants at the event taking place on 21 and 22 October will be mainly young people, especially girls, and their chaperones from Africa, America, Asia and Europe. Also expected are leaders, influencers, political figures, traditional, national, regional and international authorities and the media.

Through this summit, the aim is to: 

  • Provide spaces with and for girls where their voices can be heard to bring about profound changes in society. 
  • Provide a safe space for exchanges between girls from Africa and around the world on issues that affect their lives. 
  • Call on policy makers to strengthen their action for gender equality worldwide, especially in Africa, through the implementation of inclusive and concrete political, economic and cultural actions.
  • Strengthen the commitment of allies and partners for the promotion of equality for girls in all areas of professional, economic, social and political life. 

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About the summit

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The summit will be supported by the African Union, ECOWAS and the presidency of the Republic of Togo, subject to formal confirmation of institutions.

The summit is being organised together with committed young leaders and their organisations and movements at international, regional and local levels. 

Given the scope of the event, special support is requested from state, UN and private institutions and civil society organisations.

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Call for equality on International Day of the Girl

The first Global Girls’ Summit took place in France in 2017 as part of the Girls Get Equal Campaign for equal power, freedom and representation for girls worldwide. The Global Girls' Summit is now one of the strategic advocacy actions that mark the International Day of the Girl each year. 

The 2018 summit was held in Belgium, the 2019 edition was held in Sweden and in 2020 it was held in Germany. This year’s summit will be historic in that it is the first time it has been hosted in Africa. 

Raise girls’ voices

On International Day of the Girl 2021, Plan International is highlighting the impact of misinformation and disinformation online. The spread of false information online has real life consequences. It is dangerous, it affects girls’ mental health, and it’s yet another thing holding them back.

Raise girls’ voices. Sign their petition calling on governments to educate children in digital literacy now. It’s a vital step. And it’s urgent.

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Global Girls’ Summit Contact information 

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