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Education in Togo

Empowering children and young people to claim a quality education without discrimination

Our expertise in Togo lies in enabling children to access school, improving the quality of education and school governance, and organising a multitude of education activities across the areas where we work.

We work to improve children’s start in life by partnering with communities to build and equip Early Childhood Care and Development (ECCD) centres. We help ensure parents send their disabled children to school by raising awareness within communities and by promoting a friendly learning environment for students and teachers. We improve water and sanitation for students by teaming up with schools to install facitlities and renovating old ones. We help ensure quality education in primary schools by ensuring teachers can access training on a range of different themes, ensuring students receive school supplies and scholarships, and ensuring that children with learning difficulties attend remedial classes.

We also work to improve school governance. We reinforce Parents and Teachers Associations (PTAs) with participatory school management skills and develop school projects that increase parents’ and teachers’ knowledge of school governance, inclusive education, female leadership and advocacy.