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Economic security in Togo

Enabling poor households to increase their assets and standard of living for their children

We are working to strengthen women's and young people’s access to suitable financial services by enabling them to form savings groups. There are currently 1,682 groups typically made up of 15 to 25 members who meet on a weekly basis to discuss common issues and make voluntary financial contributions which they save as a group. The groups are widespread across the three areas we work in across the Central and Plateaux regions of Togo.

We have partnered with local volunteers, almost half of whom are women, to increase the number of groups and reinforce community ownership of the programme. The volunteers have received training in monitoring the savings groups, as well as market analysis and commercial activities, marketing, bookkeeping, and managing saving and loans. In all, 11,900 adult members of saving groups have so far accessed training in income-generation and running a small business. These included 7,868 women and 433 young people.