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Child protection in togo

Ensuring all children and young people are protected from all forms of violence and abuse

Our work in Togo prioritises child protection, from reducing child trafficking, promoting the rights of children and protecting children against all forms of violence, to promoting birth registration and strengthening local governance.

Child participation is a critical aspect of our work. We continue to strengthen it through our support to Togo’s National Children’s Advisory Council, which we set up, and our children’s youth clubs, which have 662 girls and 363 boys as members. The clubs enable the children to learn how to organise group activities and to develop skills and knowledge in sexual health, protection, leadership and action plan management. This places them in a far stronger position to claim their rights and protect themselves.

We are also continuing with our groundbreaking work to reduce child trafficking in Togo, working in strong partnerships with local government, communities and parents. Last year we provided support to 81 children who had been victims of trafficking, and enabled them to return to school or access vocational training.