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Right to a life in dignity

Plan International helped 74 people to acquire Thai citizenship on March 2016 at Fhang district office.

Seventy-four of the applicants, mostly younger people, received their Thai Identification cards.

The Plan International Thailand project “Right to a life in dignity” has been designed to reduce vulnerability, discrimination and exploitation of the ethnic groups in Thailand and eliminating disparities that will allow them to enjoy the same human rights as the rest of the Thai population.

Plan International Thailand in partnership with the Fhang district office provided support to 112 stateless people to apply for legal status. In a simple ceremony, seventy-four of the applicants mostly younger people from Fhang district received  their Thai Identification cards. As Thai citizens, they can now enjoy the full rights that all Thai citizens receive.

The project entails four key project components:

- Birth Registration

Theis focuses on attaining legal registration for newborn babies and young/adolescent people who are stateless. This entails citizenship, or the highest achievable status.

- Organization and Mobilization of Communities

Examining at the role of the community in putting rights into practice in terms of understanding and applying available mechanisms for defense against violations, protection against human trafficking, and facilitating opportunities for social and economic development and livelihoods.

- Coordination and Partnerships  with Government and other Stakeholders

Emphasising the importance of institutional capacity and preparedness in government institutions and civil society organisations in counteracting human trafficking.

- Awareness Raising and Advocacy.

The fourth and last objective focuses on public campaigning and advocacy.