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Education for economic security in Thailand

Preparing young people for employment through education and vocational training

Plan International Thailand is committed to ensuring that children and young people receive a quality education and vocational opportunities to improve their employment prospects.  We are linking the most at-risk populations of children in the areas where we work to alternative development and education services.

Our early childhood and development work is aimed at providing children 0 to 6 years their right to protection and development, and this is achieved through enabling mothers and fathers, as well as other care-givers like grandparents, to access appropriate training to ensure proper care, proper nutrition, and stimulation of the young.

We also focus on enabling students aged between seven and 12 who have dropped out of school to access basic  education and information on saving habits and financial management through the Student Banks projects.

Meanwhile, young people aged 15 to 25 can access vocational training, ethnic girls can apply for scholarships to pre-university and university courses, and young mothers are offered appropriate life and vocational/technical skills to ensure they have the right employable and entrepreneurial skills to make a living for their families, thus facilitating long term, positive change in their lives.

Plan International Thailand, in collaboration with Intel Thailand, initiated Intel Easy Step to train young people and partners in computer literacy. This has enabled them to gain new skills and expand their potential in their communities and careers.

Suay (pictured) works for one of Plan International Thailand’s local partners and she is also a graduate of the Intel Easy Step computer training. She is now teaching computer skills to children in Moken communities.