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Child protection in Thailand

To ensure stateless children are registered, and to protect all children from all forms of violence

Plan International Thailand is committed to protecting children from abuse, neglect and exploitation. We focus on improving the protection of children’s rights – in particular the rights of those who do not have access to basic social services because of their legal status as migrant and stateless people. Our work includes raising awareness, conducting legal clinics on birth registration for villagers and government staff, training partner organisations, community volunteers, parents, children and authorities, setting up child protection mechanisms in communities, and strengthening the enforcement of child protection laws, along with conducting research for campaigning.

We work in extremely strong partnerships with NGO and local partners, the Ministry of Interior and civil society organisations to facilitate the legalisation of the status of stateless children and registration of newborn infants at birth. Legal status is a key pre-condition for children to enjoy equal protection and access to services from the government, and we are recognised as the voice on this issue in Thailand.

We work closely with communities to improve their child protection systems, supporting the establishment of surveillance, reporting and referral mechanisms for child abuse cases at the village, sub-district (Tambon) and district levels linked to the provincial Child Protection Committee. We also assists in developing the capacity of these committees to protect children during disasters and emergencies.

These boys travelled 4 hours to have their DNA verified at an event organised for Moken people by Plan International. The results will help them to acquire Thai nationality, and gain access to critical health, education, citizenship services. 

Moken boys on their way to have their DNA tested.