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Plan International believes that the defence of teenagers’ rights regarding their sexual and reproductive health contributes to reducing Gender-based sexual violence and improves future generations’ health.

In Peru, however, lack of information is a problem, and its consequences are evident. Teenage pregnancies, for example, have not decreased in two decades. According to the latest official information (from 2013), 14% of teenagers between 15 and 19 years old have already been pregnant once.

In this sense, Plan International’s work has focused on providing teenagers information about their sexuality and rights.

Plan Intenational staff member leads a workshop on sexual and reproductive rights for teenagers
Plan Intenational staff member leads a workshop on sexual and reproductive rights for teenagers

Miriam is one of 120 teenagers in the Cura Mori district (Piura, Peru) who participates in the “Child to child” programme from Plan International. Teenagers in this programme (ranging from 10 to 15 years old) learn how to pass on information to their peers regarding sexual and reproductive health, and develop their leadership and communication skills.

“We have learned to know and respect our body and to be mindful about the decisions we take. It is important to understand what the implications of a teenage pregnancy are”, Miriam comments.

So far, the 120 teenagers participating in the programme have reached 600 other teenagers in their schools with training sessions on sexual and reproductive health, and on the importance of developing a life plan.

Manuel (11 years old), one of the 600 teenagers who have been trained by peers, shares: “I have learned about the importance of having a plan for my life. I think it has been a good experience. The workshops were not boring and there were group activities”. 

“Child to Child” training programme

Topic 1: Legal framework on sexual and reproductive rights.

Topic 2: Self-esteem and communication skills.

Topic 3: The decision taking process.

Topic 4: What is what? Sex, gender and sexual diversity.

Topic 5: Teenage pregnancies prevention and family planning.

Topic 6: Sexually transmitted infections, HIV/SIDA. Using a condom.

Topic 7: Sexual and reproductive rights.