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Youth voice in Tanzania

Giving all children and young people a voice in their communities

Plan International Tanzania is committed to ensuring that children have a voice in their communities. We place an emphasis on creating space for children to contribute and share concerns about their wellbeing and development at different levels in their respective communities. Trainings, courses and group sessions are organised for young people to come together and share their experiences in schools and communities.

Last year, 249 new Junior Councils were established and trained as a platform to help children to discuss issues which affect their lives. For example, a junior council raised an issue regarding water shortage in schools, and the government responded by arranging access to water at that school. At another primary school, the junior council raised the issue of hunger amidst students, and the village government introduced a school feeding programme where parents, community members and the village government allocated farm and cultivated maize for the school. Yet another junior council campaigned for students being kept out of school due to early marriage, child labour and poverty to return to classes.